Space4Change is a grassroots decentralized network that supports, initiates and relates with change-making projects, people, groups, media, local currencies with the goal to build up society from the ground up.

The universe decided for us to establish an example of a space4change  in the poorest region of Bulgaria and we believe this to be the ultimate place where those changes can have a significant impact on the local people and can assist in more important work to evolve.

The idea for this work came by observing a society that is challenged to be more cooperative instead of individualistic. Inspiration came as for both, the poor (who are living in largely degraded ecosystems) and the so-called wealthy, transformational change is being required to evolve into better states of existence on our beautiful planet.

S4C sincerely believe that humanity cannot survive without functional ecosystems, and the actions of all people are needed to act together as a species on a planetary scale. As an affect I started searching for what kind of self-organizational structures are to be found in nature. I found out that ants, birds swarms and schools of fish have one thing in common: they can organize in highly complex systems and perform collective tasks in a seemingly intelligent fashion, without any kind of centralized stewardship, but more in a mesh network.

What is a Mesh network? 

A mesh network is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. bridges, switches and other infrastructure devices) connect directly, dynamically and non-hierarchically to as many others as possible and cooperate with one another to efficiently route data from/to participants”.

Challenged by these principles the network’s aim is to mirror these and rely thereby on self-organizing systems that provides a participatory coordination mechanism for people to collaborate and cooperate , without the need for intermediary authority or centralized agency. A decentralized system in systems theory is a system in which lower level components operate on local information to accomplish global goals. The global pattern of behavior is an emergent property of dynamical mechanisms that act upon local components, such as indirect communication, rather than the result of a central ordering influence. [Read more]

For more background information about the motivation for this space for taking place you may like to see this presentationdocumentary, animation , documentary  interview, documentary. and  pod-cast. They are a selection of insights into the root causes of our urgency for change spaces to scatter around all over the world.

Just bare in mind: question everything, think for yourself and most of all Act! The realization is right that to bystand something is like dancing while the music is on and in this case it is a liberative dance that could result in us collectively dancing into a re-balancing phase which increases vitality towards independent but inter-connected and diverse relations in the world.

We are The Future

As change is a dynamic concept, we are acknowledging change to be the only continuity in it’s evolutionary process. One step made is the development of We The Future (WTF) which aim is to support the revival of rural lands through co-stewardship and solidarity economy practices.

How you can participate?

  1. The We The Future global participatory map

Through the mapping of and interaction between different nodes on the globe the aim is to spark the co-creation of sustainable and regenerative extra-actions. In the We The Future worldmap  you are able to map yourself, the location you steward, groups, networks, media and other information’s you know of and like to share.

Read here guidelines on how to use the map

What kind of places you may find and can add on the map

  • rural: nature schools, permaculture spaces, natural housing projects, retreat centers, ecotourism, outdoor activities, community supported agriculture, cooperatives, kindergardens, social activities, cleanups, intentional communities, local currencies, land trusts, co-working spaces and so on..
  • urban:  expressive spaces, space4changerooms, hubs of changes, coworking spaces, city farming initiatives, solidarity economy centers, refuse-reduce-recycle centers, transition town initiatives, alternative currencies, community gardens, events, groups, etc..
  • regional: meetings, festivals, clean-ups, exchanges, gatherings, etc..
  • country: summery of informations gathered in a specific country
  • international: gives an overview of international happenings and events
  • groups: talking circles and activity groups for all kinds of subjects
  • Individuals: stewards who are operating a location and are pledging the philosophy of S4C & ambassadors who are active in their region organising events.
  • Networks: other platforms with decentralized structure in the core.

2. Take part in the team to carry foreward the developments 

3. Take part in the forum – participate in ongoing topics, initate new ones to inspire discours and/or socialize with likeminded folks.

4.  Create Merchandizes

You will find a growing set of merchandizes to promote the idea and you can design merchandizes yourself. > Take the space 2 be designer!

5.    Think along with the development of alternative exchange system to activite L.O.V.E as Local Exchange Trade System

This protocol rewards individual contributors through the distribution of L.O.V.E according to the blockchain technology and the reallocation of individual influence or reputation within a given community, based on the perceived value of their contributions to that community. The specific rewards granted to contributors and their corresponding influence in the community are calculated automatically by the workings of the protocol (Proof of Love) and do not require any kind of central administration.

Lets introduce a bit more about the community currency envisioned as a blockchain cryptocurrency of L.O.V.E what stands for Liberation Of Vital Elements. This is to be a social and sustainable token/currency to exchange within the networks scope as a value that could grow infinitely as love not really has limited measures. By this I wish to achieve the growth of trust amongst change-makers and build new relations to grow the GDP (Global Development Plan) in the weconomy, where we are bringing the value by our hearts connected with other hearts.

Take the space 2 be commuinty currency developer!

6.   Selforganize

At the core of the network  lies a selforganization, which is a direct affect of decentralization, designed to support local interactions between the different components to establish order and coordination to achieve goals without a central commanding influence, but rather a smooth form of monitorization. The ways to specify these interactions emerge from local information and in the case of biological (or biologically-inspired) agents, from the closely linked perception and action scope of these agents. These interactions continually form and depend on spatio-temporal patterns, which are created through the positive and negative feedback that the interactions provide.

With this in mind there is the wish to sense a growing participation in self-organizing processes that gives tools right in the hands of ordinary citizens that vitalizes benefits for all.

Take the space to be selforganizer

Get ready to evolve an everlasting positive effect on the planet, your life and on that of other lives!


Be The Future!

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Are you  ready?

Your support is highly appreciated and you are also welcome to be ambassador in your region or steward of a specific location. Click here to go to the support page